• Conor calls for priority payments to North West farmers affected by flooding

    Conor McGinn MP, has called on Government to ensure that North West Farmers affected by flooding receive payments before Christmas.
    The National Union of Farmers recently reported that many farmers in the North West have been informed by the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) that they will not receive payments until February.
    Commenting Conor said:
    “It is simply unacceptable that farmers in the North West may not receive payments from the RPA until February.
    “The floods have led to the damage of the agricultural land of many farmers, and it is vital that they receive the funds for repairs.
    “I hope the Government will act decisively to ensure that farmers in the North West receive payments before Christmas.”
  • Conor supports local farmers and champions ‘shopping and eating local

    Conor McGinn MP, has called on the Government to do more to support local farms and local produce.
    Speaking in Parliament, Conor spoke on behalf of the many farms in his constituency which play an important role in the community.
    He also urged the government to do more to promote shopping and eating local.
    Commenting Conor said:
    “Local farms and shops like Foresters in my constituency are invaluable to our communities. They sell excellent local produce and are important part of the local economy.
    “The Government should be doing all it can to help promote local farms and encourage people to buy local.”
  • Conor meets Haresfinch Road residents

    Conor has met with residents of Haresfinch Road to talk about concerns over the number of crashes taking place.
    At the meeting, Conor listened to residents’ who were worried that if no action is taken to make the road safer, more incidents will occur.  One resident had also started a petition on change.org calling on the council to take action. 
    The residents showed Conor the damage done to garden walls, cars, the bus stop, and spoke about the constant fear they have of another crash and the potential that it could lead to injury or worse.
    Speaking after the meeting Conor said:
    “The amount of accidents that have taken place on Haresfich Road is worrying and it was important to meet and hear the concerns of residents.
    “It is vital that action is taken to ensure the road is safe – residents shouldn’t be living in fear of another traffic accident.
    “I will be raising this issue with the council and hopefully action will be taken sooner rather than later to ensure the road is safe.”
  • Conor visits Cowley Sixth-Form

    Conor McGinn MP, visited Cowley Sixth Form to speak to students about his role as an MP and the importance of engaging with politics and registering to vote.
    Conor spoke about his work in Parliament and took questions on a wide range of issues from the future of the BBC, student fees, fracking and the situation in Syria.
    Commenting Conor said:
    “It was good to meet with Cowley’s Sixth-Form students, and the students asked some interesting and challenging questions.”
    The meeting was also an opportunity to highlight the importance of registering to vote and Conor added:
    “The rushed introduction of Individual Electoral Registration has seen hundreds of thousands of young people drop off the electoral register, and as a result many in my constituency have been disenfranchised and shut out of our democracy.
    “It’s important that young people make sure they are registered vote so their voice can be heard.”
    Mike Hesketh, Head of the Sixth-Form said:
    “The students appreciated Conor’s time, and they asked a number of questions on a variety of topics.
    “Conor gave clear explanations of his views and honest answers, and in a good natured debate the students showed real maturity.”


  • Conor calls for review of parole guidelines and secures Ministerial meeting for Marie McCourt

    Conor McGinn MP, has urged the Government to review parole guidelines for convicted murderers who do not reveal the location of their victim’s remains.

    McGinn spoke in Parliament on behalf of his constituent Marie McCourt, whose daughter Helen was murdered in Billinge in 1988.

    Helen’s killer was convicted and received a life sentence, but has repeatedly refused to reveal the location of Helen’s remains. He could now be released on parole, despite showing no remorse for his actions.

    Justice Minister Mike Penning, in response, agreed to meet with Marie McCourt and her family.

    Commenting McGinn said:

    “I’m glad the Minister has agreed to meet with Marie and I hope that this will lead to a review of the guidelines.

    “The impact of a murder to the family and friends of the victim is devastating, even more so when the killer refuses to allow a dignified final resting place.

    “Those who are convicted of murder should not be considered for release if they do not provide information about the location of their victim’s remains, which compounds the loss and devastation of the victims’ families.”


  • Conor calls on government to address TTIP concerns to deliver the jobs, growth and fairer deal for consumers

    Conor McGinn MP has said that TTIP must be transparent, promote decent jobs, avoid a race to the bottom, and ensure that the NHS and workers rights are protected.

    Commenting on TTIP Conor said:

    “Much has been debated in recent months on TTIP, and it is both welcome and vital that this deal is receiving proper scrutiny from trade unions, civil society and business.

    “I have heard from a number of constituents about their concerns on TTIP, for example that it could include insufficient exemptions for the NHS and other public services; that it could lead to serious legal challenges; and that the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) could result in transferring power away from people. These are all reasons why pushing for more transparency and accountability is vital.

    “We also need to recognise potential benefits that a deal on trade could provide for Britain’s workers and industries. Britain is a trading nation and balanced trade deals have a positive impact on jobs and growth. It is therefore crucial then that any benefits which an EU-US trade deal delivers filters down to employees, small businesses and consumers, that the deal is open and accountable, and that it does not dilute current labour, consumer, environmental and food safety standards.

    “Trade deals also provide unique opportunities to properly regulate global trade. This means we need careful and reflective thinking because in a rapidly changing global economy we are increasingly trading with countries, for example China, whose labour laws do not match our high standards. A balanced TTIP, one that promotes, rather than weakens social, labour and environmental standards, regulating a quarter of all global trade, could provide a welcome departure from a race to the bottom.

    “The proposals should receive proper scrutiny at both a UK and EU level and that any final deal must have transparency and accountability at its heart. I was disappointed that the Coalition Government paid such little attention to these concerns and I believe it is important the current Government ensure they are covered in the negotiating process.

    “I fought the General Election on a Labour manifesto that recognised the potential benefits of TTIP, but emphasised that any final agreement needs to ensure that the NHS is protected, promotes decent jobs and avoids a race to the bottom. Labour MEPs have also made the case in the European Parliament to exclude public services – including our NHS – from TTIP negotiations and to ensure workers’ rights, environmental standards and food safety standards are protected. A number of worries similar to our own have been raised by other EU member states and these will need to be reflected to secure agreement and therefore will have to be taken on board by the European Commission.

    “I hope that the Government now listen and respond to these concerns. I can assure you that I will follow this issue very closely and press the Government to ensure that TTIP delivers the jobs, growth and fairer deal for consumers we all want to see.”




  • Conor joins residents at Rainford Christmas Fayre

    Conor joined local residents at the Rainford Chirstmas Fayre at the weekend.

    Rainford Parish Hall was packed out with stalls and visitors. The event is organised through the Rainford Hub, and was only its second year.

    Conor visited the stalls, set up by local businesses such as Connoisseur Ales and Bridge Farm Landscapes and Nurseries, alongside local community groups.

    Speaking at the event, Conor said:

    “It was a great turn out despite the weather and it’s fantastic to see so many local people supporting the event.

    “Today has shown the strength of the community spirit here in Rainford and what can be achieved when local businesses, community groups, schools and people come together.”


  • Conor shows support for Neighbourhood Food Bank collection

    Conor McGinn MP, visited Tesco’s Express in Windle to add his support to Tesco’s seventh Neighbourhood food collection, and meet store managers Julian and Dawn.

    Working alongside the Trussel Trust and fairshare the initiative has helped provide support to millions of families since the first collection in 2012.

    Between April and September this year St Helens food bank handed out over 3000 three day emergency food supplies to people in crisis, over 1100 of these were for children.

    Commenting McGinn said:

    “The increase in demand for help from food banks shows the impact this Tory Government is having on people in my constituency.

    “It is not right that in a rich county like the UK, families are having to turn to food banks in their thousands just to feed themselves.

    “I wholeheartedly commend Tescos and the Trussell Trust for working together to do what they can to help fill the gap left by Government.

    “It is thanks to the support of initiatives like this, alongside the selfless work of volunteers at St Helens Foodbank, that the community is able to support those most in need.”


  • Conor gives backing to local businesses on Small Business Saturday

    Conor McGinn visited local businesses to show support for Small Business Saturday, and highlight a few of the great businesses in the constituency.

    Small Business Saturday provides an opportunity to celebrate the success and important impact small businesses have on the economy and local communities. The annual event takes place on the first shopping Saturday in December.

    One of the businesses Conor visited was Forsters’ Farm shop at Shoots Delph Farm in Moss Bank. At the shop, Anne and Jack Forster spoke with Conor about the business and how they pride themselves in the organic produce they rear on the farm.

    Commenting Conor said:

    “Small Business Saturday is about family businesses, local shops, wholesalers, and small manufacturers across the country and here in St Helens North.

    “Small business are the backbone of the local economy and community, and it is only right to encourage consumers to ‘shop local’ and support small businesses in their communities.

     “Meeting people like Jack and Anne who are passionate, not just about their business about but the local area as well, just shows how important small businesses are and why small businesses should be supported.”


  • My statement on the extension of British airstrikes against ISIL to Syria

    I have taken the difficult decision to vote to support the extension of British airstrikes against ISIL to Syria.

    I know that many people hold strong views on this and I fully understand that there will be many people who disagree with me. I completely respect their view, and despite reaching a different conclusion I know they have also made their decision in a principled way.

    I asked my constituents in St Helens North, including Labour Party members and supporters, for their views and listened carefully to what they said.

    I listened intently to the debate in Parliament today and have spoken with colleagues including the Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn, the Shadow Defence Secretary Maria Eagle and our Deputy Leader Tom Watson.

    I also received a private briefing at the Ministry of Defence from the Secretary of State for Defence and defence personnel. It was a sobering assessment of the direct threat Britain faces from ISIL terrorism and a detailed explanation of the current situation in Syria.

    On the basis of what I have heard, learned and discussed I believe the right thing to do – on balance and however difficult – is to support the extension of airstrikes against ISIL to Syria.

    In the coming days, I will be writing to all those to constituents who contacted me to fully set out my position.

    Conor McGinn MP