• the retirement of four long-serving Labour councillors in St Helens borough

    This election marks the retirement of four long-serving Labour councillors in St Helens borough; Keith Deakin, Keith Roberts, Sandra Dyer, and Mayor Pat Ireland. I thank them for their outstanding public service and commitment to our communities in Parr, Earlestown, Newton and Thatto Heath.
    Keith Deakin has fantastically represented the people of Earlestown for over 30 years. Keith Roberts served for more than 20 years representing St Helens at a regional level – most notably fighting for the retention of bus services. Sandra, a great representative of Newton ward, is also stepping back. As will our Mayor, Pat Ireland, who has excelled in her position with much warmth and laughter.
    They have all played a crucial part in improving our borough – protecting services and improving the lives of those they represent. Their work on behalf of residents will be missed.

  • 20 years since the introduction of the minimum wage

    April marks 20 years since the introduction of the minimum wage. This ground-breaking advance for workers’ rights is one of many examples of the impact that Labour in government has.
    There is still much to do to make the job market fair. There are many people with insecure contracts and with wages that don’t support their and their families’ basic needs.
    The prevalence of in-work poverty is unacceptable. Many hard-working people don’t earn enough to support their families to live. 54% of low paid workers are regularly missing meals so that they can pay the bills. The Tories have created a perfect storm of low pay, insecurity and working poverty.
    Only a Labour Government will ensure a fair deal for working people.

  • inquiry needed into the blacklisting scandal

    I am shocked and appalled by the results of an internal police investigation, the Creedon report, which revealed the illegal treatment of construction workers by the major British building firms and the police.
    The names of construction workers were kept on a blacklist that led to them being refused work or fired from employment. Workers were blacklisted for activities such as joining a trade union, campaigning for safe conditions and even asking for clean toilets.
    We need an inquiry into the blacklisting scandal which destroyed lives, families and reputations for decades, and we demand justice for those affected.

  • my votes tonight

    Last week I voted against the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal, which would be bad for workers, families, businesses and the community in St Helens and across the country.
    Tonight, I will vote in favour of a series of Brexit options to try and resolve this national crisis. None of them are ideal. But to try and solve this mess MPs need to compromise and show leadership.
    *I will vote to for two motions that would mean Britain leaves the European Union, with a customs union or under what’s become known as the Norway+ model.
    *I will also vote for a motion that would allow the public to have a final say on that or any other deal that Parliament reaches. And I will vote for a motion that puts measures in place to avoid a no-deal Brexit.
    In this time of national crisis, it’s not enough for MPs to just say no to the things you’re against, or only say yes to the things you ideally want. And so, I hope that Parliament can come together tonight and agree on a way forward that can start to bring the country together again.