• victory for NHS workers

    I was proud to stand with our local NHS workers in St Helens, and their trade union Unison, throughout their dispute with Compass, and I’m prouder still that they have won.
    They took on a multi-national outsourcing giant and won a significant increase in hourly pay, improved unsocial hours payments and better sick pay schemes.
    It is a victory for rights, decency and dignity at work, as well as unity and solidarity in our NHS.

  • Helens Law – lets get this done

    The first letter I’ve sent on being re-elected as an MP is to the Secretary of State for Justice, to ask him to press the Government to include a Bill for Helen’s Law in the Queen’s Speech again this week.
    We came so close in the last Parliament. And Conservative, Labour & the Lib Dems all pledged their support during the election.
    Let’s get this done for Marie McCourt & all the other victims & families.

  • thank you

    Thank you to people across St Helens North for electing me for the third time as your Member of Parliament.
    I’m indebted to my team of volunteers who came out in the cold, dark and rain to speak to thousands of people during the campaign.
    Kate and I are also really grateful to friends and neighbours in Newton who have been so supportive and helped with everything from childcare to leaflet delivery.
    I am so honoured to represent and be rooted in our resilient, proud and welcoming community.
    I will keep working day and night for all my constituents in every part of the constituency.