• Willowbrook Hospice

    I visited Willowbrook Hospice to meet with staff and see the incredible work being done there to provide care for so many people.

    The Hospice has been awarded an ‘outstanding’ rating after a recent inspection.

    Willowbrook has great support from the community in St Helens and we are very proud of it. It and hospices across the country need more certainty about their funding and more resources from Government – something I will continue to raise in Parliament and with the Health Secretary.

  • Coalfield Communities

    I’m pleased to have been re-elected as Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Coalfield Communities.

    The APPG is made up of around 40 MPs from all parties who represent coalfield seats across the country. It aims to highlight strategic priorities and challenges faced by former coal mining areas, like ours in St Helens borough, while additionally supporting the regeneration and economic development of our communities.

  • Parr St Peter’s re opens its doors

    I joined the congregation at St Peter’s Church of England in Parr for a service to mark its re-opening after extensive refurbishment and renovation.
    The work, including a brand-new roof, improved disabled access, improvements to the interior and a new heating system, has created a fantastic space for worship, as well as for many other church and community activities in Parr.
    The service, led by Rev Pauline Rowe, was a celebration and opportunity to give thanks for this significant moment in the church’s life.

  • shopping parades in Moss Bank to be regenerated

    I welcome the news that two much-valued shopping parades in Moss Bank are to be regenerated and refurbished, a move which will create exciting opportunities to enhance services for local people and shop owners alike.
    As residents will remember, the shops at Wythburn Crescent were irreparably damaged in 2018 following a break-in which resulted in a fire. A separate structural issue with the parade at Bassenthwaite Avenue also led to residential tenants being rehoused in 2019.
    I’m glad that Torus have listened to the many representations made by myself and local councillors, as well as those concerns directly aired by over a thousand local people during the consultation period.
    This victory is certainly one for local people, who knew and understood all along just why these shopping areas were needed by our community.

  • Earlestown Town Hall

    I joined St Helens Council Leader David Baines, local councillors and members of the community at the first consultation session on Earlestown Town Hall and the wider regeneration of the town centre.
    I’m pleased that the Council has made clear its commitment to re-open this historic civic building, and its future will be in large part shaped the community’s responses to the public consultation currently underway.

  • Liverpool City Region’s bus system

    It’s exciting to hear that Liverpool City Region’s bus system will undergo its most radical transformation in a generation, as it moves towards a more integrated London-style transport network.
    Too often, de-regulation over recent decades has let down local people, providing them with highly expensive, confusing and irregular bus services. By bringing back control over our bus routes, timetables and the fares we pay, our Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram shows once again that he is putting local passengers before profit.
    I’ll keep supporting him and working closely with regional leaders to deliver cheaper, better-connected and dependable buses for people living here in St Helens borough and across our entire city region.

  • Helen’s Law, at Second Reading

    Last week, MPs passed the Bill we have all come to know as Helen’s Law, at Second Reading.
    For decades, Marie McCourt has shown dignity, tenacity and sacrifice in persevering with this campaign, even after her own daughter’s killer was released just weeks ago.
    Because the Government has introduced the Bill itself, Helen’s Law will now make swift progress and become law. This rare step is testament to Marie McCourt’s character, the strength of her love for Helen, as well as her determination to do right by her memory.

  • Primodos

    I am supporting calls for the Prime Minister to ask for a public review of Primodos, the controversial hormone-based pregnancy drug.

    Of the 1.5 million women who took the drug in the 1960s and 1970s, many gave birth to babies with deformities, miscarried, or had stillbirths. Yet, early official warnings about Primodos were delayed, or ignored altogether by some doctors. Even today, previously commissioned medical reviews of the drug remain shrouded in secrecy.

    I have worked with some of those affected who live in St Helens. My constituent Elaine Pennington and others like Marie Lyon deserve answers, and I’ll do all I can alongside my colleagues in Parliament to support their campaign for more information and greater transparency from the Government.

    Follow the link to read the EDM’s text in full: https://edm.parliament.uk/early-day-motion/53505/primodos-hormone-pregnancy-drug-test

  • #HeartUnions week

    I’m fully supporting the TUC and affiliate unions this week as they celebrate #HeartUnions week.

    I’m a lifelong trade unionist and proud to champion the efforts of activists and members especially here in St Helens and the North West. I encourage all workers to join a union and I’ll keep working with the trade unions to shine a light on issues faced by working people locally and across the country.

  • St Helens Town Deal Board

    I recently attended the inaugural meeting of the St Helens Town Deal Board, a new body which brings together local representatives of the public and private sectors with the goal of helping our local authority deliver economic regeneration here in St Helens.
    I was encouraged to see all attendees demonstrate such passion and enthusiasm for our area, along with a real willingness to each play their part in driving St Helens towards a deliverable town investment plan.
    I was also surprised to be mentioned in the House of Commons by the Minister for the Northern Powerhouse! As I have always said, I will work with him and the Government to get this funding for the town and our community.

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