• Conor challenges Duncan Smith on support for working families

    Conor McGinn challenged the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions on support for working families and child poverty levels in his constituency.

    Speaking in the House of Commons, he told MPs that child poverty in St Helens North is higher than the national average.

    Conor called on the Minister to consider the effect cuts to in work benefits would have on the level of child poverty in his constituency.

    Commenting Conor said: 

    “In my constituency child poverty levels are almost 5% above the national average and recent statistics show that the number of children living in poverty is not decreasing. 

    “No child should have to live in poverty and the lack of progress is worrying. We should be working to address the root causes and ensure working families get the support they need”

    “Taking away support from working families will only make the situation worse for families in my constituency and across the UK. I hope the minister will take my concerns seriously and will fully examine the impact of any cut to in work benefits”



  • Conor visits Helena Partnerships to mark Adult Learners Week

    Conor marked Adult Learners Week in St Helens North by paying a visit to Helena Partnerships offices on Newton Road.

    At the offices adult learners were undertaking a course on how to use IT and the ways it can be used to save money. 

    Conor chatted with those attending about how the course had helped them and the reasons why they had become adult learners.  

    Commenting Conor said:

    “Adult Learners Week has been a great opportunity to showcase the work of learners and their tutors in St Helens North.  

    “Improving the skills of adults is important to our community, what’s been delivered here in this constituency shows that. Many people are developing new skills, building confidence and creating new friendships.

    “Having spoken to one of the tutors Danny, it is clear that courses like these are not only rewarding for the adult learners, but the tutors as well.

    “I just hope the Government recognise the importance of learning in later life and do not impose further cuts to the funding of adult community learning”


  • Conor challenges Government on rip-off rail fares in St Helens North

    Conor McGinn, MP for St Helens North, challenged the Secretary of State for Transport over the large increase in rail prices in his constituency.

    He noted that the cost of a rail season ticket for commuters from Garswood, Rainford, Earlstown and Newton-le-Willows had risen by up to 25% since 2010.

    McGinn called on the Secretary of State to explain this increase to his constituents.

    Commenting Conor said:

    “The cost of travelling to and from work for many of my constituents has risen by a quarter. This is simply unacceptable at a time when many people are struggling to make ends meet.

    “The Government has allowed blatant profiteering that is ripping off passengers and the Secretary of State has failed to justify why prices have been allowed to rise so quickly.

    “It is not good enough. More needs to be done to ensure that transport is affordable for the people who use it.”



  • Highways Agency respond to concerns raised by Conor McGinn MP

    After being contacted by a number of constituents over traffic delays at Haydock Island, Conor McGinn MP called an on-site meeting with senior Highways Agency managers to discuss the delays.

    At the meeting, he pressed for action to be taken to improve the situation and address the concerns of constituents.

    The Highways Agency has now set out the action they intend to take to ease the congestion and have apologised for the delays experienced.

    Speaking after the meeting McGinn said:

    “I’d like to thank the Highways Agency for responding so quickly to my request and meeting myself and local councillors on site to discuss the problems being faced by constituents.

    “I am pleased to say it was a positive meeting, and I hope the actions taken by the agency will now improve the situation and reduce the delays experienced by local residents. I shall be following progress closely.”

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  • McGinn celebrates National Fish and Chip Day at Haydock’s Crispy Cod

    Crispy CodTo celebrate the first National Fish and Chip Day on Friday 5th June, Conor visited the Crispy Cod at Haydock.

    He met the owner Michael, and staff as part of a new initiative to recognise fish and chips as the nation’s number one take away.

    Commenting McGinn said:

    “The Crispy Cod is a great local chip shop. I called in at the Crispy Cod a few times during my election campaign and I wanted to drop in again to mark this new celebration of one of the country’s favourite dishes. It also provided an opportunity to congratulate them on recently receiving the Platinum Chip Fryer award from St Helens Council.

    “The Platinum Award recognises those local chip shops that produce a healthier and tastier chip through there cooking techniques.

    “National Fish and Chip Day is an ideal opportunity to recognise how important chip shops like the Crispy Cod are, not just as somewhere to get a good chippy tea but as small businesses, employers and a much valued part of our community.”

  • McGinn promises to work hard to bring jobs and investment to St Helens in Maiden Speech

    Conor McGinn, newly elected MP for St Helens North, made his maiden speech yesterday in the House of Commons.

    In his speech he paid tribute to his predecessor Dave Watts, raised his fear as to what five years of Tory rule will mean for our community, but promised to work hard every day for the people of St Helens.

    Speaking in Parliament McGinn said:

    “St Helens North has a distinguished history and great potential for the future, but I fear that things will not be easy in the time ahead.

    “My predecessor served the House and the people of St Helens North diligently for 17 years. Dave Watts is one of the finest men I know. He epitomises all that is noble about public service, and all that is good about politics. His work for his constituency, and his devotion to his constituents, are an example to us all.

    “I come to the House committed to representing my constituents, and determined to work hard for my constituency. I made the people of St Helens North a promise that I would do my best for them, and it is a promise that I intend to keep.”

    The maiden speech in full can be found here.

  • NHS and cost-of-living are key election issues

    Conor at Garswood Care Centre

    CONOR McGinn says the issues of the NHS and the economy are at the forefront of voters minds as he hits the campaign trail in the weeks leading up to the general election.

    The Labour candidate, regarded as the heavy favourite to take the seat in St Helens North vacated by Dave Watts, said: “While out in Newton I met an 18-year-old and asked him what issues concerned him expecting something like student loans or international development.

    “He told me he was an apprentice engineer who has a secure job but he was worried about the economy and wanted to own his own house. He was worried about the future and wanted his MP to be on his side.

    “I told him about policies to build 200,000 new homes but people are concerned about things relevant to them and they want an MP to fight their corner. I met a woman recently retired as a paramedic and was concerned about the NHS. I told her there would be no top down reorganisation under Labour. But I did tell her that there was a lot of work to do to undo the damage done by this coalition government.

    “When you get down to the nitty gritty there is a choice between Labour and Conservative. People have been giving me a tough line of questioning and have challenged me about policies.

    “I have found people are well informed about things and are engaged with the system. There is a scepticism about the ability of politicians to change things and I’m telling people I don’t have all the answers and may make mistakes but I will always work hard and do my best.

    The Northern Irishman, who has settled in Earlestown with his young family after winning the race to be the Labour candidate, added: “I feel as if I have put down roots here. I have a working class background so I have a good understanding about what people are going through. My son will go to school here so I care about what happens in our schools.”

    He said while he appreciates that both St Helens constituencies are seen as “safe Labour seats” he is “not going to insult anyone’s intelligence” by assuming his victory is assured.

    He added: “You have an opportunity to say this is what I think and what I believe. It’s about choice. About what sort of town you want your kids to grow up in.

    “I want there to be as much opportunity for a kid in Parr as in David Cameron’s constituency.”


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