• Conor welcomes new Haydock Medical Centre

    Haydock Medical centre

    The new Haydock Medical Centre located on Woodside Road has started on site with a “Sod Cutting” ceremony which took place on Friday, 13May. A joint venture between PPE Construction and MAC Construction Solutions, this design and build project will provide a new two storey medical centre including doctors’ surgeries, pharmacy, offices, reception area, changing facilities and washroom facilities. PPE will also undertake all associated parking and landscaping works. The building works are expected to complete in February 2017.

    With over 30 attendees, the Sod Cutting ceremony was undertaken by Conor. He was accompanied by Councillor Martin Bond and the medical price was represented by Chris Williams, Pharmacist.

    Conor said: “This new medical centre will make a hugely positive difference to health provision for the local community in Haydock. I’ve been supporting GP Dr Breach and local pharmacist Chris Williams in moving the plans forward and I was delighted to be asked to join with local constituents to take part in the event to mark the beginning of work on site.

    “The team from Platinum Projects Europe and MAC Construction Solutions are doing a great job in transforming what was a real eyesore. And I look forward to returning early in the New Year to see the new building completed and the medical centre providing services to the local community.”


  • Conor meets with local nursery representatives

    Porticos 2

    Conor McGinn met with local representatives of the National Day Nurseries Association to discuss childcare and issues affecting local providers

    The meeting took place at Moss Bank Porticos Nursery and was organised by Nicole Politis, director of Porticos Nurseries as an opportunity for local private and voluntary child care providers to talk to Conor about their worries that the Government will not be able to provide adequate funding to meet their promise of providing 30 hours free childcare for 3 and 4 year olds.

     After meeting with the local providers, Conor said: “As a dad with a young child, I know that access to high-quality and affordable child care is important to parents. The Government’s promise to extend provision of free childcare has to be matched by properly funding to enable local nurseries to continue to provide and expand the services they deliver.”



  • MPs back Saints’ autism campaign


    Shadow Minister for Disabled People, Debbie Abrahams MP, has joined MPs, Marie Rimmer, St Helens South and Whiston, and Conor McGinn, St Helens North, in backing Saints’ campaign to raise funds for St Helens Autism Support. 

    Saints have launched a one off replica shirt for Rugby League’s Magic Weekend and the special edition kit will be worn in Newcastle when they play Huddersfield Giants on 22nd May.

    Debbie Abrahams, who is MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth, explained why she’s backing the campaign, saying: “What Saints’ campaign demonstrates is how sports clubs can help raise the profile of important issues because they are so well integrated into their local communities. 

    “I’ve come along today to talk to Mike about how we can take the example of this campaign and share it with other clubs across all sports.

    “If all clubs worked in this way just think how quickly and effectively we could disseminate messages about all sorts of key issues that affect society, especially around disability issues.

    “Having autism, or having someone with autism in your family, can be a very isolating situation when so few of us really understand the condition. But when a club like Saints takes the time to raise the profile of an issue it can help us to talk more openly about it and start to break down the barriers.

    “So, I would encourage all Saints fans to be in that number and support a great cause at the same time!”

    Conor McGinn, MP for St Helens North, said: “This campaign will raise awareness of the condition in St Helens and across the rugby league world, whilst raising funds for a local charity and I’m pleased to be supporting it.

    “Saints are the heart and soul of our community and this latest initiative in support of a local charity is further tribute to Eamonn, Mike and everyone associated with the club. 

    “In choosing to raise awareness of autism in this innovative way, St Helens RFC and St Helens Autism Support have made an impact far beyond our borough boundaries. 

    “I am delighted that Debbie has recognised the hard work being done locally on this and other disability issues in St Helens, and I hope the fantastic work being done here will serve as an example and give encouragement to those campaigning across the country.”

    Mike Rush, CEO of St Helens RFC, said: “We were delighted to welcome Debbie, Marie and Conor to the club today to demonstrate why our campaign to raise awareness of autism is very important.

    “Since launching the shirt we have received support from all over the world and across all sections of sport, TV and music.

    “We estimate that well in excess of eleven million people have had access to information about our shirt thanks to social media.

    “That is doubly pleasing for me as not only has it already had a positive impact on people in our local area but it is raising funds for a cause very close to my heart.

    “I have a close understanding of autism and the difficulties it can present to families not only in St Helens but across the country.

    “I am proud of the Board of Directors and the Club for backing a local charity and for all those fans from St Helens and other clubs who have bought shirts.

    “With support from the three MPs who came to the club today, the awareness of this cause can only get bigger.”

    Marie Rimmer, MP for St Helens South and Whiston, said: “I’m very proud to see Saints launching these limited edition shirts in support of such a fantastic cause.

    “Autism needs to be better understood by all of us. There are so many autistic people who have great skills, abilities and potential but face barriers to fulfilling it because of a lack of knowledge and understanding from others.”

    Each replica shirt also carries the logo of St.Helens Autism Support, a local group making a massive difference in the area by helping raise awareness of the condition and aiding people, particularly children, with all levels of autism.

    The players’ matchday shirts will also be signed and auctioned off for the charity.


  • Conor welcomes Merseyside bus fare bonus for St Helens residents

    liam keith conor merseytravel arriva fares aprril 16 IMG_0890 (002)

    Conor has welcomed a boost for local commuters with the introduction of a new flat bus fare for St Helens.

    St Helens bus users will save up to 30p per journey after the 1st May saw an extension of the single flat fare to cover all of Merseyside and the Liverpool Plus ticket area.

    The change comes about after consistent campaigning for Fair Fares by Labour MPs, local authorities and councillors across Merseyside.

    In welcoming the announcement Conor said:

    “St Helens residents deserve good quality public and affordable public transport. For too long my constituents were hit by a double-whammy, paying for two bus journeys to make one trip, when other parts of Merseyside had a single fare to get you from A to B even if you had to change buses.

    “I welcome this announcement brought about by Labour elected representatives applying pressure on the bus companies, and I hope to see further measures introduced to keep public transport affordable and accessible for people in St Helens North.”

    Chair of Merseytravel, Labour’s Cllr Liam Robinson added:

    “Affordability and making bus fares better value is a key issue that Labour controlled Merseytravel constantly raises with bus companies. Whilst there is still more to do, we are pleased the fare cuts Arriva are making are a good first step in the right direction”

  • Conor meets energy advisers at St Helens Citizens Advice Bureau

    Conor visited St Helens CAB to meet specialist advisers who help people struggling with energy and other household debts.

    During the visit Conor met three advisers who are funded by the British Gas Energy Trust, the advisers give advice and support to people who are having difficulty paying their gas and electricity bills.

    The British Gas Energy Trust was founded in 2004 and, as well as funding advisers in community advice centres, it also provides grants to help clear energy and other household bills, or replace essential household items.

    British Gas has provided more than £85 million of funding to the trust since 2004, helping 176,000 people with advice and grants.

    The British Gas Energy trust advisers have been based in St Helens CAB since 2011. In the last year alone, they have helped local people with £75000 of financial support.

    Speaking after his visit, Conor said:

    “The partnership between St Helens CAB and the British Gas Energy Trust does excellent work in providing financial assistance to those who are struggling to pay their energy bills.

    “Notwithstanding the need for stronger regulation to ensure value for customers and fair prices for energy costs, I welcome the contribution from British Gas to this initiative.

    “As ever, Karl and the team at St Helens CAB are doing their best to ensure vulnerable members of our community get the support they need. We are lucky to have them.”

    Christine Tate, from British Gas, said:

    “The advisers provide a hugely important service, providing face to face support and a range of practical advice. The visit was a great opportunity to show how they support local people in Conor’s constituency.”

  • Conor’s article in The Catholic Universe on the EU Referendum

    Conor’s recent article for The Catholic Universe on the EU referendum and why Britain and Ireland are StrongerIn can be found below.

    Catholic Universe


  • Conor says football really is coming home with St Helens AFC moving back in to the borough

    St Helens FC

    Conor McGinn has welcomed the news that St Helens Town AFC are to return home to play football in the borough after a period away.

    The club has announced that following the extensive refurbishment of Ruskin Drive Sportsgrounds in Windle it will be playing its home games there in the future.

    Conor said:

    “This is great news for the club and for sport in St Helens.

    “I pay tribute to John McKiernan and everyone associated with the club for their hard work and dedication over many years.

    “The new facilities at Ruskin Drive will serve our sporting clubs and community well and I look forward to seeing St Helens Town AFC back where they belong, in St Helens. Football really is coming home.”

  • Conor: Prime Minister’s apology means little without action for victims of contaminated blood scandal

    Conor has said that the Government must show those affected by the contaminated blood that it means what it says, and match the Prime Minister’s apology with action to support it.

    Conor was speaking on behalf of his constituent Sandra Molyneux whose husband tragically died as a consequence of receiving contaminated blood.

    He noted that the Prime Minister had told victims of the scandal that the Government were sorry but the subsequent actions had not demonstrated that they were.

    Sandra Molyneux

    Conor’s comments were met with applause from the many victims and victims family members sitting in the public gallery.

    From the 1970s through to the early-1990s, thousands of people underwent treatment with NHS-supplied blood products. Many of these products are now known to have been contaminated with HIV and/or Hepatitis C. Thousands were affected and many have sadly passed away, and their families and survivors have campaigned for years for justice and to receive compensation.

    Despite previous commitments to give the survivors and families a resolution to the scandal the Government has again delayed matters by setting up a further consultation on the compensation package, which could see some of those who were affected lose thousands of pounds.

    Commenting Conor said:

    “It’s impossible to underestimate the scale of this scandal and the pain it has caused to many families including my constituent Mrs Molyneux.

    “For too long the Government have failed to address the concerns over the administration of the compensation scheme. It is high-time that the Government didn’t just tell victims of the scandal they were sorry, but showed they were.

    “Alongside my colleague Diane Johnson, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Haemophilia and Contaminated Blood, I will continue to support the victims of this scandal and will work to ensure they receive just compensation.”

    Conor’s intervention also featured on BBC Radio 4’s Today in Parliament and the clipping can be found below.

    BBC radio 4

  • Conor McGinn backs St Helens community pharmacies

    Community Pharmacy

    Conor McGinn has thrown his support behind the campaign to protect the vital services provided by community pharmacies in St Helens.


    While visiting Donlon’s in Haydock and Well in Rainford, he called on the Government to stop a planned £170 million cut to community pharmacies which would put their very existence at risk.


    The withdrawal of funding will put pressure on the services local pharmacies provide for patients at a time when the Government is asking them to do more to prevent ill health and promote healthy living.


    The cuts, which will take effect this year, will see the budget for community pharmacies cut from £2.8 billion in 2015/16 to £2.63 in 2016/17, which amounts to a real terms cut of 6 per cent.


    The reduction in funding also comes as NHS primary care and accident and emergency services are struggling to cope with demand.


    Conor is urging everyone to sign the petition support local community pharmacies at https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/116943  and is urging others to do the same.


    Commenting Conor said:


    “The planned cuts to community pharmacies will limit the ability of pharmacies to provide vital services to patients, and will have a damaging impact on public health in St Helens North and constituencies across the UK.


    “At a time when our NHS is stretched to the limit and more people are waiting longer at A&E departments, cuts to local community pharmacies will just make things worse.


    “It is bad policy and a false economy, because better public health, better preventative measures and advice from pharmacists means better treatment in the community and helps save the NHS money.


    “That is why I am joining with local pharmacists in St Helens North to call on the Government to drop the planned cuts and work with pharmacies for a fairer deal.


    “I urge others to show their support by signing the petition, either online or at their local pharmacy.”


    Chris Williams from Donlon pharmacies in Haydock, who is urging customers to back the campaign, said:


    “I’d like to thank Conor for all his support and for highlighting this important issue.


    “There is a real danger that these cuts will make many pharmacies unviable.


    “That can only mean longer trips not just for prescriptions, but for free advice on minor ailments or medicines as well as a number of other NHS led services we provide.


    “As a consequence, it will put more pressure on GP surgeries and A&E departments”


    Details of how you can support your local pharmacies can be found at http://supportyourlocalpharmacy.org/what-you-can-do/

  • Conor picks Grand National winner for Steve Prescott Foundation


    Conor showed there may be some truth to the old adage about “the luck of the Irish” as picked winning horse Rule The World for his charity bet at this year’s Grand National.

    In doing so he raised £216.15 for the Steve Prescott Foundation as the horse went on to romp home the race at 33-1. Conor’s selection even got a mention on the BBC’s live coverage via their website.

    Conor’s charity bet winnings will go towards this year’s grueling challenge The Everest Base Camp, where a party of climbers led by SPF Trustee Ade Cunliffe will set off on 13th October and return to the UK on 28th October.

    Personalities already pledging to undertake this challenge are St Helens actor Michael Parr who plays bad boy Ross Barton in ITV’s Emmerdale and rugby league legends Lee Briers, Barrie McDermott, Alan Hunte, Chico Jackson, Mike Wainwright, Ade Gardner, Iestyn Harris and Neil Harmon.

    The party will arrive in Kathmandu and then face an eleven day trek to Nepal Everest Base Camp and then continue to “Kala Pattar” to reach a finishing height of 5645 meters above sea level. The Everest Base Camp trek is one of the most popular trekking routes in the Himalayas and is visited by thousands of trekkers each year. The trek is considered strenuous and will be a test of fitness, stamina and determination for all the climbers.

    Commenting Conor said:

    “As a keen horse-racing man who likes an occasional bet it’s always nice to have a winner, but especially in the Grand National and even more so when I backed Rule The World as my charity bet for the Steve Prescott Foundation.

    “Every little helps and £216.25 will be heading to the SPF as a little help from me towards making 2016 their million pound year, thanks to a great horse, jockey and trainer and an unusually generous bookie.

    “I would also like to wish all those undertaking the Everest Base Camp Challenge the best of luck and I hope million pound target is reached as deserved.”

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