• Conor’s tribute to former St Helens MP John Evans

    I was so sorry today to hear about the death of former Newton and St Helens North MP John Evans.

    John was a much-loved member of our Labour family in Newton-le-Willows and St Helens and he will be sadly missed. He was a fine public representative who served the people of our borough with distinction since he was first elected MP in 1974.

    John was a Labour man to the core of his being, representing the National Union of Labour & Socialist Clubs on the party’s NEC and serving as its Honorary Political Secretary – roles I held and hold – for many years.

    He will forever be associated with the Parkside Colliery – which he fought so valiantly to defend from closure – and he honoured the men who worked there, and the local community, by taking Lord Evans of Parkside as his title after entering the House of Lords when he stepped down from the House of Commons in 1997.

    I know Dave Watts felt very proud to follow in John’s footsteps as MP. I too feel proud to follow in his tradition as a Labour and trade union MP, honoured as he was to represent the people of Newton-le-Willows and St Helens.

    We offer our condolences to Joan and the entire family circle at this sad time.

  • Conor and Linda Robson ‘get behind the daffodil’ for Marie Curie this March

    marie curie

    Conor  and actress and presenter Linda Robson have joined forces to ‘get behind the daffodil’ this March and help Marie Curie Nurses provide care and support to people living with a terminal illness.

    Conor and Linda were pictured together with Marie Curie Nurses, Leonie Christian and Elisabeth Goze, at a parliamentary event in Westminster to celebrate the launch of the Great Daffodil Appeal, Marie Curie’s biggest annual fundraising campaign.

    Conor pledged his support to the appeal and is encouraging local people to help the charity raise more money than ever before by simply giving a donation and wearing a Marie Curie daffodil pin, available from volunteers across the country, or Superdrug and WHSmiths shops, and Wyevale garden centres, during March.

    Commenting Conor said:

    “I am proud to be backing such an important campaign and would like to pay tribute to the important work done by the nurses who provide invaluable care and support.

    “High quality palliative care services should be widely available and we should be giving as much support as we can to the Marie Curie Nurses.

    “I encourage people in my constituency to give a small donation and wear the Marie Curie daffodil pin to help raise as much money as possible.”

    Linda, who plays Tracey in the hit television show Birds of a Feather, and co-presents ITVs Loose Women, is a long-time supporter of Marie Curie, having experienced first-hand the vital work of the charity.  She said: “Our mum Rita was cared for by Marie Curie and we could never have coped without their constant support and care in her final months.  Our family still cannot put into words just how grateful we are.”

    “I’m delighted to be here with Conor to help launch the 30th anniversary of the Great Daffodil Appeal – and to thank personally Leonie and Elisabeth for their incredible care and support when we needed them the most.”

    Scott Sinclair, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Marie Curie, said: “Having the support of Conor and Linda makes a huge difference to Marie Curie in terms of raising awareness about what we do and helping us to reach more people who need us.

    “We know that seven out of 10 carers say people with a terminal illness don’t get all the care and support they need. We don’t think that’s good enough. That’s why we are asking MPs to commit to ensuring that everyone has the right to palliative care when they need it and help support our annual fundraising appeal.”

    “Our services rely on charitable donations, so I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who gives a donation and wears a daffodil pin during March.”

    The money raised from the Great Daffodil Appeal will help Marie Curie Nurses provide care and support to people living with a terminal illness and their loved ones at home and in one of the charity’s nine hospices.”

    To coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Great Daffodil Appeal, Marie Curie has also published a new report which shows that people living with blood or brain cancer – which together account for around 10% of all cancer deaths annually – are more likely to miss out on care and support focussed on providing relief from symptoms, pain and emotional stress. The report, backed by Bloodwise and the Brain Tumour Charity, argues that all people with cancer should have their palliative care needs assessed when they are first diagnosed.

    For more information about the Great Daffodil Appeal and to volunteer to collect for Marie Curie, please call 0845 601 3107* or visit mariecurie.org.uk/daffodil.  To donate £5 text *DAFF to 70111 or call 0800 716 146 and donate over the phone.

  • Conor invites local schools to enter the Speaker’s School Council Awards

    Conor McGinn has called on schools in his constituency to enter the 2015/16 Speaker’s School Council Awards.

    The awards are an opportunity to recognise and celebrate school council’s achievements in bringing about positive change in their school or community.

    The competition is open to every infant, primary and secondary school, sixth-form College, and SEN school in the country.  The winners are invited to the Houses of Parliament for a prize giving ceremony hosted by the Speaker of the House of Commons.

    This year the speaker wants to hear about a project initiated by school councils that they are proud of.

    Commenting Conor said:

    “I have visited many schools across the constituency and spoken with school council members who have had great ideas and put them into practice.

    “These awards are an opportunity to highlight the contribution school councils make and I hope many in my constituency will put themselves forward.”

    Entries can be submitted from until 16 May 2016.

    Visit www.speakersschoolcouncil.org for inspiration and guidance on how to enter the competition, or see the attached sheet for details about how you can inspire others by submitting a blog, story ‘top tip’, or an image.

    For more information, contact the Speaker’s School Council Awards team on 0207 219 6260 or email speakersschoolcouncilawards@parliament.uk.


  • Conor announces support for Britain Stronger In Europe

    Britain Stronger in Europe 2

    St Helens MP Conor McGinn has announced that he is campaigning for the UK to remain a member of the European Union following the announcement by the Prime Minister that the referendum will take place this June.

    Conor will join Alan Johnson MP on the Labour In For Britain campaign, and work with Britain Stronger In Europe as a political champion for the North West region.

    Independent research has shown that EU membership is worth £ 13.5 billion every year to the North West in increased trade and CEBR figures show that 477,005 jobs are linked to the EU.  Under the EU Youth Employment Initiative in the North West, Merseyside also receives £22.2m of funding to help get young people back to work

    Outlining his reasons for backing the In campaign, Conor said:

    “I am pleased to announce that I will be formally backing the Stronger In campaign as a political champion to make the case that Britain is stronger, better off and more secure in Europe.

    “For people in St Helens North and across Britain, being in Europe supports jobs and lower prices here at home, makes it easier to keep our streets safe and gives our country a stronger leadership role on the global stage.

    “Going out on our own is a risk we simply can’t afford to take. The European Union isn’t perfect. No partnership is. But the benefits outweigh the costs and this deal makes Britain even stronger in Europe than we would be out of it.

    “As we approach the referendum, I encourage businesses and volunteers in St Helens North to join in the debate. The decision facing us is the most important in a generation and voters must have all the information they need to make an informed decision.”

    Will Straw, Executive Director of Stronger In, said:

    “Britain Stronger In Europe is pleased to welcome Conor McGinn to join our team of political champions. Our supporters come from a range of political backgrounds, from all walks of life and from all regions of the UK.

    “Their diverse backgrounds make them a formidable team in making the case for why Britain is stronger, safer, and better off in Europe than we would be out on our own.

    “I look forward to working with Conor making a positive and patriotic case that it is in Britain’s interest to remain part of Europe. Our membership makes our economy stronger, our security stronger and gives us a stronger voice on the world stage.”

  • Conor raises ‘unjust local government funding’ for St Helens

    Conor McGinn, MP for St Helens North, has highlighted that the country’s poorest councils are set to lose £198 more per head than the average English local authority, and hit out at government for the ‘unjust allocation of local government funding.’

    Research by the Special Interest Group of Municipal Authorities (SIGOMA), shows that between 2010/11 and 2017/18 the poorest authorities will see an estimated loss of funding of £685 per head, compared to the English average of £487.

    McGinn has criticised the unfair allocation of funding in the Local Government Finance Settlement, which will force poorer local authorities to make further cutbacks to public services, which could hit libraries and children’s services.

    In St Helens, the local council will see its spending power reduced by £92 per household just in 2017/18, compared to the average English reduction of £76.

    Commenting McGinn said:

    “This settlement means less money is now available for local authorities to spend on public services in deprived areas, and critical services are being put at risk.

    “As a result the poorest are being hit hardest under this Government, at a time when many are struggling to make ends meet.

    “Councils should be treated fairly, but further unfair cuts have been forced onto local authorities.

    “Councils like St Helens are doing a great job in face of large scale cuts, but further cuts imposed by the Tories will have a major impact on the public services that my constituents rely on.”

  • Conor: Magistrates Court closure will deny access to justice for St Helens North residents

    Conor McGinn MP, responding to the announcement that St Helens Magistrates Court is to close, said:

    “This is bad news for the town and for residents of St Helens North.

    “We await further and final details from the Ministry of Justice, but it would appear that the functions of the Court will move to Liverpool.

    “Many appointments at Court are often first thing in the morning, and without access to adequate transport attendance will simply be unfeasible for many of my constituents. This is particularly the case for the people who live in places like Rainford, Billinge, Moss Bank and Haydock and rural areas, who have to travel just to reach direct bus and rail services to Liverpool.

    “Added to that, the cost of the train or bus to Liverpool will also have an impact on vulnerable people in my constituency whether they are victims, witnesses or defendants. Someone’s financial means should not affect their ability to access the justice system.

    “Today’s announcement is another attempt by the Tory Government to denigrate the status of St Helens as a major town in the North West. We must not let them succeed.”

    The link to Conor’s court consultation response in full and recent parliamentary question on the courthouse can be found below:



  • Conor is joining with Citizens Advice to help people in North West save money

    CAB 2

    Conor McGinn MP is encouraging people living in North West to be one step ahead with their finances by getting help from Citizens Advice.

    Conor met people from across the charity’s network at an event in Parliament on Tuesday 2 February. He heard about how local Citizens Advice are working with people across England and Wales to help them work out a budget, save money on bills and build confidence using online and mobile banking.

    Together with Citizens Advice, the MP for St Helens North is inviting local people to try out five tips to help them keep on top of their bills and save money.

    Citizens Advice helped 2579 people in North West improve their financial skills between April 2014 and March 2015.

    Commenting McGinn said:

    “We can all benefit from being one step ahead with our finances.

    “Developing money management skills can give a real sense of security and helps put you in charge of your money, keep on top of bills and avoid unaffordable debt.

    “I work closely with Citizens Advice in my constituency on many issues. I would encourage anyone who wants to improve their money management skills to contact their local Citizens Advice.”

    Citizens Advice Chief Executive Gillian Guy said:

    “Managing your money better can help keep your family and home secure.

    “Getting help with planning a budget can put people in a better position to pay for daily costs and cope with sudden expenses such as emergency car repairs. Shopping around and negotiating with energy and broadband suppliers can also help to reduce your bills.

    “Anyone looking to save money on their day-to-day costs can get help from their local Citizens Advice or checking our website www.citizensadvice.org.uk.”

    The five tips are:

    • Build your budget – List your regular income and spending to help stay on top of your money and save for unexpected costs or the future. You can use the Citizens Advice online Budgeting Tool.
    • Drill those bills – Check with your energy provider that you are on the best deal. Ask your local Citizens Advice if they are running Energy Best Deal group advice sessions or use Citizens Advice’s price comparison tool for help cutting your energy bills.
    • Control your credit – If you have debts, keep a list of them and compare it with your monthly budget. If you think you will struggle to pay some of them, ask your local Citizens Advice for help negotiating with your creditors.
    • Plan your pension – If you are able to, you should top up your State Pension with your own pension to make sure you’ll have enough money to see you through retirement. Pension Wise offers free, impartial guidance if you are over 50 and on a defined contribution scheme.
    • Seek advice – Citizens Advice offers free, impartial advice on money management and other issues. However, for more complex issues like buying a house or considering investments, you may wish to consider paying to speak to an Independent Financial Adviser. Organisations like the Personal Finance Society can help you get in touch with Independent Financial Advisers.


  • Conor: We will keep up the pressure on Government to introduce Helen’s Law

    Marie McCourt 1 Marie McCourt 2








    Conor McGinn, MP for St Helens North, today accompanied Marie McCourt and her family to a meeting with the Victims Minister and then to Downing Street, where he helped deliver a petition to the Prime Minister calling on him to introduce Helen’s Law, which has been signed by over 320,000 people.

    Yesterday, the Parole Board recommended that Helen McCourt’s murderer be transferred to an open prison. In response to that and today’s events, the Prisons Minister has asked the Parole Board to review its guidelines in relation to the sentencing and release of convicted murderers who refuse to reveal the whereabouts of their victims remains.

    Speaking outside No. 10 Downing Street, Conor said:

    “Marie made her case with characteristic decency and dignity. She is an extraordinary woman who despite enduring the most awful suffering is dedicated to helping others. The Victims Minister listened carefully and responded positively.

    “The priority for me now is to ensure that the Secretary of State for Justice is fully informed of all the facts around Helen McCourt’s case before making the final decision about whether her murderer is to be transferred to an open prison.

    “I also welcome the fact that the Prisons Minister has responded to the overwhelming public support for our campaign to introduce Helen’s Law, and has asked the parole board to review the guidelines around convicted murderers who refuse to reveal the location of their victims’ remains.

    “I want to see immediate progress on this and I will be keeping the pressure on the Government so that victims and their families get the justice they deserve.”

  • Conor calls for progress on transport smart ticketing system

    Conor McGinn MP asked Transport Minister to provide an update on progress towards the introduction of a smart ticketing system for the North.

    Speaking in Parliament, McGinn raised concerns that many of his constituents who live in the MerseyTravel area but travel to work outside pay more because of travel area boundaries.

    Commenting Conor said:

    “Many of my constituents who travel to work in places like Wigan, Warrington and Manchester effectively pay a levy on their commute.

    “Those who travel outside of the MerseyTravel area for work are unnecessarily out of pocket because of an arbitrary transport boundaries.

    “If this Tory government is serious about the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ then the prompt introduction of a smart ticketing system and the end of arbitrary boundaries would be a priority. Transport for the North are taking steps in the right direction and Ministers in London should support them however they can.”

  • 2300 people have fallen off the electoral register in St Helens North

    Conor McGinn MP responding to the news that changes in the electoral registration system mean around 3% of people in St Helens North have fallen off the register, said:

    “The Tories have rushed through changes to the electoral registration system, and now over 2300 people in St Helens North have fallen off the register and may not even realise it.

    “There are major local elections here in St Helens in May, and soon we have a big choice to make about whether Britain stays in the EU. But if people aren’t on the electoral register, they will not be able to vote and have their say. They could even face an £80 fine and find it harder to get a credit card or a mobile phone contract.

    “This week is National Voter Registration Drive – the perfect opportunity for people in St Helens North to register to vote. It’s quick and easy – you can register in just three minutes by going to gov.uk/register-to-vote.”

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