• continuing to support our community

    My office is dealing with unprecedented demand and we have been contacted by hundreds of constituents over the last number of days.
    My small team of dedicated staff are working flat out to provide assistance to huge numbers of local residents who are in urgent need of immediate housing, financial & ongoing health support, and help over 20 people get home to St Helens from overseas.
    Please check www.sthelens.gov.uk/coronavirus and www.gov.uk/coronavirus where you might be able to find the information or assistance you need.
    If you need help, please email me and ensure you include your full address. *Please treat the auto-reply as an acknowledgement that your correspondence has been received*.
    I would also politely ask that you are patient, and please be assured we will do our best for you as quickly as we can.

  • visuits stopped to protect the vulnerable

    Really difficult decisions are having to be made to protect vulnerable people & save lives.
    I know a ban on visiting will be incredibly hard for those who have a loved one in hospital.
    But please co-operate & support our NHS staff who are working around the clock for all of us

  • Government needs to help the self employed

    I’ve been contacted by many of the thousands of self-employed workers in St Helens North who urgently need Government help.
    A large section of the country’s 4.9m self-employed workers have seen work or contracts completely collapse.
    Our local tradesmen, construction workers, taxi drivers, hairdressers, cleaners, beauticians, musicians, freelancers, childminders and many others are facing serious, sudden financial hardship.
    I’ve made direct representations to Treasury and Business Ministers to ask them to provide substantial emergency support to the self-employed, as they have already done for employed workers. People who have worked hard all their lives are facing a complete financial nightmare because of the coronavirus crisis and they need support.
    I hope the Government will act now; they need to move fast as many people can’t wait.

  • a national day of prayer

    This Sunday, our parish community at St Patrick’s in Earlestown  aren’t together in church  but, like so many other congregations of all denominations across the country, are together in spirit.
    I want to thank  the many churches & faith  groups across St Helens borough who are co-ordinating help and care for the vulnerable & isolated.
    This week marks the 40th anniversary of then Archbishop (now Saint) Óscar Romero’s murder in El Salvador. As he said: “Love must win out; it is the only thing that can.”

  • support our local businesses

    I am amazed at how our brilliant local businesses are responding to these really tough times.
    ‪Overnight, lots of pubs, cafés & restaurants have set-up takeaway & delivery services
    ‪Check out their web & social media pages for information.‬
    ‪Make your night out your night in!

  • visiting Crownway Community Centre in Earlestown

    I visited Crownway Community Centre in Earlestown, where I met with staff and volunteers to hear how their services are improving residents’ lives.

    The Centre’s modern, inclusive facilities and wide range of fun activities have made it a valued focal point for the communities in Earlestown and Newton-le-Willows, with truly something on offer for all age groups.

    I’m proud of all Crownway’s achievements, which together provide a shining example of how the hard work, dedication and determination of local people can pay dividends for our community. I look forward to visiting again soon.

  • the budget

    In reaction to yesterday’s budget, I called on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to go beyond mere rhetoric and make good on the Government’s promise of more funding, investment and job opportunities for highly ambitious communities like ours in St Helens and the North West.

    Rightly, this budget’s short-term strategic priority focused much on containing and defeating the threat posed by the coronavirus (Covid-19), and going forward it’s vital that MPs work in tandem with our community leaders, NHS officials and public health experts to provide an effective and measured response, as guided by the latest scientific evidence.

    But whilst extra funding to tackle Covid-19 is necessary and welcome, this budget falls far short of what’s in fact needed, and I’m concerned about its lack of measures to increase statutory sick pay for local people, or to extend it for those in low-pay work, part-time work, or indeed for those on zero-hours contracts. This Government can and must do better.

    The Chancellor talks often of “levelling up” our country, yet it is this Government’s inadequate investment in the North West’s public services, core infrastructure and skills that has stunted growth in St Helens, while seeing North / South regional inequalities cement and widen.

    Over the last decade, unreliable yet expensive transport, overstretched public services and poor connectivity have all but too often been a reality for local people. Instead of much-needed funding, the Government have slashed the grant to St Helens Council by 71% since 2010 – leaving £507 less per person to spend on essential services.

    If we’re truly to unlock our region’s great potential, places like St Helens borough need more than warm words or empty gestures, but concrete action to re-balance our economy, properly fund our public services, and promote growth right across the North West. In Parliament and in our communities, I’ll continue fighting day-in, day-out to ensure these can be finally delivered.

  • meeting with teardrops

    I visited The Hub to meet the Teardrops team to discuss the important work they do to tackle the causes and effects of homelessness in our community.

    They have also started working with young people in St Helens to tackle drug use, knife crime and anti-social behaviour.

    It’s great to see how far Teardrops have come on their journey so far and I pay tribute to the staff and volunteers making such a huge contribution to our community.

  • visiting chester zoo

    I visited Chester Zoo to discuss the zoo’s work with local schools in St Helens borough – including Allanson Street Primary School in Parr – and their wider conservation efforts.

    Chester Zoo is not only a first-class attraction bringing millions of visitors to the North West region every year, but it also supports a highly skilled staff of hundreds and its world-leading scientific research benefits over 70 field projects in 25 countries.

  • ambition for the future

    Today saw the announcement of an ambitious partnership to deliver regeneration in St Helens, Earlestown & across our borough. Political, business & community leaders are working together to make this the best place to live, work & visit in the North West.
    Labour-run St Helens Council under David Baines is meeting the huge challenge of maintaining vital local services while delivering an ambitious vision for the future of the borough.
    Our team at the Town Hall, in Parliament & in our communities are getting things done.

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