• Conor calls for local control over bus fares and routes

    Conor McGinn has told Parliament that greater power should be devolved to communities to control bus fares, set routes and integrate the services.

     Speaking in the House of Commons, McGinn noted that in the North West, 121 bus routes have been cut over the last 5 years and that there are 21 million fewer annual miles of local bus services. He added that bus fares in the North West have also risen 25% on average since 2010.

     Commenting McGinn said:

     “This government’s transport policy is not working for people who live in the North West of England.

     “Not only has the Government cancelled work on the electrification of the railways, in the North West region a staggering 121 bus routes have been cut since 2010. This has left many vulnerable people who live in rural constituencies like mine isolated.

     “At a time when people’s cost of living has increased and buses are often the only transport available, bus fares have also rise by 25 per cent on average since 2010.

     “Transport in the North West should be accessible and affordable for those who use it. It’s high time the Government devolved real power to communities so they can control bus fares and routes and integrate services.”


  • Conor on the Foreign Secretary’s statement on nuclear negotiations with Iran

    In the House of Commons, Conor welcomed the Foreign Secretary’s statement, but raised concern over Russia’s role in the process.

  • Conor meets local apprentice in Westminster

    Conor attended a reception organised by ADS to recognise apprenticeships in the aerospace and defence industry. He met Anna Schlautmann from Newton-le-Willows who is a business apprentice with MBDA.


  • Conor’s response to constituents about the vote on the Hunting Act

    Dear constituent,

    Thank you for contacting me recently regarding the Hunting Act.

    I am proud of the Labour’s strong record on animal welfare and I do not want to see the Hunting Act 2004 repealed.

    I believe that the vast majority of the British public also support the ban on hunting. Indeed, a recent Ipsos MORI survey showed that 80% of people support the ban.

    As you are aware, however, the Conservative Party’s election manifesto included a commitment to give Parliament the opportunity to repeal the Hunting Act on a free vote. The Government has recently confirmed it is committed to fulfilling this pledge.

    I believe that holding a vote on repealing the Hunting Act distracts from the real issues that are facing many rural communities, including low wages, the shortage of affordable housing and the need to improve infrastructure and protect public services. I also believe the Government should be focusing on tackling rising energy prices and protecting rural bus services.

    I will oppose this attempt to repeal the Hunting Act.

    Thank you once again for writing to me and for sharing your views.

    Yours sincerely,

    Conor McGinn

    MP for St Helens North



  • Conor calls for comprehensive and transparent Strategic Defence and Security Review

    In the House of Commons, Conor challenged the Defence Secretary about progress being made on the next Strategic Defence and Security Review.

  • Conor McGinn MP responds to the Budget

    “People in St Helens North are used to Tory con tricks, and this budget is just the latest one.”

    “The Chancellor has made much of his commitment to a Northern Powerhouse. But the government has cancelled work on the electrification of the railways and major infrastructure projects have stalled, while growth and wages in the North West lags behind other regions.

    “It’s clear that the Tory idea of a Northern Powerhouse is little more than a ruse to pass the buck on cuts and pass the blame for decisions already made.

    “The government also says it plans to increase the minimum wage, claiming it will introduce a new national living wage. But the same government is proposing to scrap tax credits which will affect millions of families. This sleight of hand won’t fool working parents in St Helens.

    “I do, however, welcome the promise to scrap permanent non-dom status, as well as the commitment to defence spending remaining at 2% of GDP. As always, though, we need to wait and see whether the government’s actions match its words.”


  • Conor elected to House of Commons Defence Select Committee

    Conor has been appointed to the House of Commons Defence Select Committee.

    He will serve as one of four Labour members on the Committee and will play a key role in scrutinising the Government’s defence policy and holding the Government to account.

    Commenting Conor said:

    “I am honoured to be appointed to the Defence Select Committee.

    “In a dangerous world, the threats we face are complicated and challenging.

    “I hope the government’s upcoming Strategic Defence and Security Review will facilitate an open and inclusive national debate on the security and defence challenges facing the country, and will properly assess the changing threats to our security.

    “I look forward to working with colleagues from all parties on the Committee. It is vital that we hold the Government account and help ensure our Armed Forces are properly equipped to deal with modern threats and challenges we face.”

  • Conor supports Parliamentary motion to recognise St Helens legend Wello

    Conor has supported a Parliamentary motion to recognise St Helens legend Paul Wellens.

    Commenting Conor said:

    “This Early Day Motion in Westminster recognises Paul’s achievements on the field and his legendary status in St Helens. Saints is at the heart of our community and in turn Paul has been at the heart of the club for 18 years. He is a great ambassador for the club, his sport and the town, and will be for many years to come. I’m glad to be able to recognise that in Parliament and wish Paul and his family well for the future.”

    The Parliamentary motion can be found here.

  • Conor calls for debate on the crisis in local government funding

    Conor McGinn challenged the Government on cuts to local government funding for St Helens and called for a debate on the impact the cuts could have.

     Speaking in the House of Commons, Conor noted that St Helens is set to have a further £23 million cut from its budget over the next two years.

    Conor called on the Leader of the House of Commons to have a debate in Parliament on the crisis in local Government funding and the impact it is having on critical services.

     Commenting Conor said:

     “My local authority area in St Helens is having another £23m taken from its budget, meaning it will have had a 50% reduction in funding by 2020 under this Government.

     “This leaves local people with real concerns about the impact this will have on the critical services my local authority provides.

     “I pay tribute to Cllr Barrie Grunewald and his Labour administration in St Helens for doing everything they can to mitigate against the huge impact of these cuts on council service.”

     “We need to have a proper debate about the crisis facing local government funding so that the Government is forced to come clean about the scale of the problems it is causing. It is vital we ensure that essential services local authorities provide are not put at risk.”


  • Conor challenges Duncan Smith on support for working families

    Conor McGinn challenged the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions on support for working families and child poverty levels in his constituency.

    Speaking in the House of Commons, he told MPs that child poverty in St Helens North is higher than the national average.

    Conor called on the Minister to consider the effect cuts to in work benefits would have on the level of child poverty in his constituency.

    Commenting Conor said: 

    “In my constituency child poverty levels are almost 5% above the national average and recent statistics show that the number of children living in poverty is not decreasing. 

    “No child should have to live in poverty and the lack of progress is worrying. We should be working to address the root causes and ensure working families get the support they need”

    “Taking away support from working families will only make the situation worse for families in my constituency and across the UK. I hope the minister will take my concerns seriously and will fully examine the impact of any cut to in work benefits”



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