• detention of victims of torture and other vulnerable people

     The UK has a proud history of helping people fleeing violence and persecution and we have both moral and legal obligations to vulnerable people seeking asylum. I am aware of the High Court ruling in October 2017 that found that the Home Office’s redefinition of torture in its Adults at Risk immigration detention policy was unlawful and that hundreds of torture survivors had been wrongly detained. The Government has said that it is now considering how best to address the court’s findings in relation to its Adults at Risk policy.

    The idea that this country would lock up people who were victims of torture is truly shocking. I believe that the court’s verdict must be accepted and acted upon. The Government should not attempt to work around or simply ignore the ruling, as has happened in previous cases.

    As you are aware, the Government introduced their Adults at Risk policy as an integral part of its reforms following Stephen Shaw’s report into the welfare in detention of vulnerable persons. Stephen Shaw is currently undertaking a follow up review to assess Government progress on these issues in the past two years and I look forward to reading the report when it is published later this year.

    I assure you that I will continue to follow this issue closely and push the Government to take action to reform its immigration detention policy.