• End of life care

    End of life care and the law concerning assisted dying are extremely complex and emotive issues, and that there are strongly held ethical and moral arguments on both sides.

    I know that this issue provokes strong views and it is important that the debate is fully considered.

    When a bill to introduce a provision for assisted dying in the UK was brought before Parliament in 2015, I opposed it and would oppose it if it came before the House again.

    However, I can assure you that I will continue to bear in mind the points you raise and those of other constituents who have contacted me on this matter, both for and against.

    Given the sensitivity and importance of this issue, it is vital that high-quality support, guidance and palliative care are available.

    I believe there needs to be improved care for those with terminal illnesses, more support for their carers’ and improved facilities offering specialised care. This would go some way to improving patients’ quality of life as would earlier and faster diagnosis of terminal conditions.