• my votes tonight

    Last week I voted against the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal, which would be bad for workers, families, businesses and the community in St Helens and across the country.
    Tonight, I will vote in favour of a series of Brexit options to try and resolve this national crisis. None of them are ideal. But to try and solve this mess MPs need to compromise and show leadership.
    *I will vote to for two motions that would mean Britain leaves the European Union, with a customs union or under what’s become known as the Norway+ model.
    *I will also vote for a motion that would allow the public to have a final say on that or any other deal that Parliament reaches. And I will vote for a motion that puts measures in place to avoid a no-deal Brexit.
    In this time of national crisis, it’s not enough for MPs to just say no to the things you’re against, or only say yes to the things you ideally want. And so, I hope that Parliament can come together tonight and agree on a way forward that can start to bring the country together again.