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  • Conor McGinn: This Budget does nothing for St Helens and is already unravelling before our eyes.

    The Chancellor’s Budget is falling apart after just a couple of days. His £2 billion hike on National Insurance paid by the self-employed is so unpopular that even Tory MPs are lining up to attack Philip Hammond over the broken …Read More »
  • Openreach

    I know that concerns have been raised that BT has underinvested in Openreach, leading to poor service which has resulted in customers experiencing service interruptions and slow speeds. I also understand that Openreach has faced criticism for delaying the installation …Read More »
  • NHS

    Like you, I care deeply about our National Health Service. It is one of our great national institutions and forms part of the essential fabric of our society. It is there for us all when we need it most and …Read More »
  • Neonicotinoids and bees

    I am in no doubt about the importance of pollinators to our food supply, biodiversity and economy and I share your concern about declining bee numbers. I am aware several organisations are campaigning on this issue and that 38 Degrees …Read More »
  • BBC

    The BBC is one of our most treasured institutions and the cornerstone of our creative industries. I therefore believe that its investment and scope must be maintained so that the BBC remains a great universal broadcaster that continues to inform, …Read More »