• the draft Non-Contentious Probate (Fees) Order 2018

    As you are aware, the draft Order would introduce a sliding range of probate fees for estates where a grant of probate is necessary, between £250 and £6,000, depending on the value of the estate.

    There has been strong opposition to the Government’s proposed changes, from legal experts, charities and legislative bodies. The changes encompass fee increases to a level that is nearly 28 times what some people currently pay. Even apart from this staggering increase, the proposed fees have no bearing on the actual cost of providing the services involved in a grant of probate – which are fundamentally the same regardless of the value of the estate.

    I believe these proposals are disproportionate, excessive and not consistent with the long-standing principle that fees for a public service should recover the cost of providing it and no more.

    I am calling for this draft Order to be pushed to a vote of all MPs in the House of Commons. While I wholly support our justice system being given the investment and resources it needs to operate properly, I will oppose this draft Order as I think it is unfair to place the burden of these costs on vulnerable, grieving people.