• the future of cyprus

    I would like to see the peaceful and lasting reunification of Cyprus with the consent of both communities and I am disappointed UN-led peace talks have not progressed further.
    The UK has strong historical ties with Cyprus. The relationship between our two countries has remained strong thanks to the presence of Cypriot diaspora communities in the UK as well as British military bases and peacekeeping troops in Cyprus.

    Given these ties, particularly our role as a guarantor of Cyprus’s territorial integrity, the UK must continue to have an active role in negotiating a peaceful settlement. I believe conflict resolution and human rights should be put at the heart of our foreign policy. The UK should therefore work through the UN to give support to Cyprus to end the decades of division.

    I believe the divisions in Cyprus can only be resolved by the two parties coming together and Cyprus must remain a reliable and stable partner for the UK in the future. You raise the matter of Turkish troops remaining in Cyprus, and I agree that this is a difficult issue to resolve.

    While I do not underestimate the difficulties involved, I hope that there will be a resumption of talks and that a sustainable and comprehensive settlement can be reached. I can assure you that I will continue to follow any developments closely and support efforts to achieve a united, stable and peaceful future for Cyprus.