• We need to save Honda Swindon

    The car industry has always been the showpiece for British manufacturing, and Honda Swindon is a world class plant with a world class workforce. Closing the plant would be a devastating blow not just for the 3,500 Honda workers in Swindon, nor just the thousands more working in its supply chain, but for UK manufacturing and our entire economy. It is therefore vital that the Government puts together a bold and radical package of support for Honda, and other car manufacturers, to get Honda’s executives to change their decision on Swindon.

    Honda, alongside the wider car industry, has said it wants an electric vehicle market. I believe we need to deliver one. We should invest in infrastructure to provide electric car charging points in every street in every village, town and city. We need to incentivise people to buy electric cars and other low-carbon vehicles. We need to use the power of public procurement, getting the Government and public services to buy their vehicles from Honda and other UK-based manufacturers to support our own industries. Finally, we should support businesses developing the UK supply chain, such as those involved in battery manufacturing.

    Our car industry supports highly-paid, highly-skilled jobs and contributes enormously to our economy. It gives us the ability to be a world leader in the transition to electric vehicles. I can therefore assure you that I will do all I can to press for the investment we need to make this happen and to save Honda Swindon.