• Conor campaigning against education cuts

    Conor met with Patrick White, Secretary of the St Helens National Education Union, in Parliament as part of the Union’s lobby to raise awareness of the Government’s new funding formula for schools. The new funding formula will mean cuts in budgets and teacher numbers in schools for St Helens, at a time when our hardworking pupils and teaching staff need support most.

    Across the country, 88 per cent of schools are still facing real-terms budget cuts per pupil between 2015/16 and 2019/20 and for the average primary school this will mean a loss of £52,546 per year. For the average secondary school this will mean a massive loss of £178,321 per year.

    Conor has committed to continuing  to work with the National Education Union to call out the Tory Government’s unfair and poorly thought out education cuts in St Helens and across the country.