• Conor gets down to business with Rainford Hub’s new chairman

    Rainford hub

    Conor met Rainford Hub’s new chairman Nathan Blackburn to find out about the work it’s doing to help and promote businesses in the village. 
    Since it was set up in 2014, the Hub has held meetings where local businesses can get together to exchange ideas and information. 
    It has also invited along guest speakers like St Helens RFC chairman Eamonn McManus to give inspirational talks to Hub members.

    Conor met Nathan at one of Rainford’s successful businesses, The Cherry Orchard Tearoom in Church Road, to talk about a whole range of issues affecting local traders, including the positive impact of the Village Centre Improvement Scheme on local businesses. 

    Afterwards, Conor said: “It was good to meet Nathan to talk about the Hub and their plans for the future. 

    “I am happy to do what I can to support the group as they work with others in the village and the council to support local businesses. 

    “Rainford has some great businesses ranging from engineering companies to farms, pubs, web designers, restaurants and shops which are the life blood of a village. The Hub brings them together in a constructive way which can only benefit Rainford.”

    Nathan said: “I’d like to thank Conor for his support and enthusiasm for Rainford which is encouraging and further motivates us to continue working on behalf of the village. 

    “I am really looking forward to future projects and to working to further better the businesses and community of Rainford.”