• Conor votes against cuts to tax credits

    Conor McGinn MP has voted against cuts to tax credits proposed by the Government in parliament.

    The IFS estimated that the cuts would lead to 3 million families losing over £1000 a year.

    Commenting McGinn said:

    “These changes to tax credits will hit many working families hard at a time when many are struggling to make ends meet.

    “Some 4,000 families in St Helens North alone will be over £1000 a year worse off because of these cuts.

    “The Tory Government claims that their so-called national living wage will offset these changes, but the latest report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies rubbishes this.

    “This is the latest attack on workers’ rights and pay from the same old Tories.

    “Although we lost this vote, I will continue to stand up in Parliament for St Helens North and won’t shy away from taking on the Government on these issues.”

  • Conor welcomes Irish Guards affiliation to the GAA

    Conor McGinn MP, Chair of the All Party Group on the Irish in Britain, commenting on the news that a team from the Irish Guards has affiliated to the GAA in London, said:

    “This is a hugely positive development and underlines how far we have come.

    “The difficult history between the GAA and the British Army is well-documented, and so this is a significant moment both for the Irish in Britain and for relations between Britain and Ireland.

    “The GAA has once again shown its commitment to building peace and reconciliation within and between these islands.  

    “I pay particular tribute to my friend Noel O’Sullivan, the Chairman of the London GAA County Board, for his leadership and courage.

    “As a lifelong member of the GAA, and an MP who sits on the Defence Select Committee, I wish the Irish Guards team every success and look forward to watching them play against my own club, Éire Óg, in the future.”


  • Conor votes against Assisted Dying Bill

    Conor McGinn MP has voted against the Assisted Dying Bill in Parliament.

    An overwhelming majority of 330 voted against and the Bill was defeated.

    Commenting McGinn said:

    “After much consideration I decided that to vote against the bill to legalise assisted dying in the UK. This is for a variety of concerns and reasons. 

    “The introduction of this assisted dying bill risked denigrating the role and position of disabled and vulnerable people in society, and could have ultimately have led to external pressure on those who are vulnerable in society to end their lives. Effectively by allowing people to choose to die, others could inadvertently be harmed.

    “The Bill has also been widely opposed by medical professionals. The British Medical Association, Royal College of Surgeons and many independent groups of Doctors and individuals had all written to MPs urging to vote against the Bill.

    “I believe there needs to be improved care for those with terminal illnesses, more support for their carers’ and improved facilities offering specialised care. High quality palliative care services should be widely available to those who need it, for many patients this would alleviate suffering and allay worries about the process of dying.“



  • APPG meets Irish Foreign Minister

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    The All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Irish in Britain met the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charlie Flanagan TD, this week.

    At the meeting the cross-party group of MPs discussed the APPG and the Irish government’s role in supporting the Irish community in Britain, British-Irish relations with the EU, and the current political situation in Northern Ireland.

    The meeting came after Conor McGinn MP, Chair of the APPG, attended the first Global Irish Parliamentarians’ Forum in Dublin last week.

    The forum brought together Irish-connected political representatives who serve in national parliaments and state assemblies in Australia, Canada, France, the U.K. and the U.S.A.

    Commenting Mr McGinn said:

    “It was a great pleasure and honour to welcome the Minister for Foreign Affairs to the Westminster and I look forward to productive working relationship between Irish Government and the APPG.

    “The first Global Irish Parliamentarians’ Forum was a great opportunity to meet, connect and form working relationships with Irish parliamentarians across the world. I and my colleagues from the APPG, look forward to developing these in future.”


  • Conor urges Government to invest in St Helens


    Conor McGinn has called on the Government to invest in St Helens North.

    Speaking in a House of Commons debate about the regeneration of towns and cities in England, McGinn noted that St Helens had seen huge cuts to local government and plans for investment delayed.

    He argued that this lack of capital funds and withdrawal service provision denigrates the status of St Helens and discourages business and constituents.

    Commenting Conor said:

    “With the huge cuts to local government, the proposed closure of the fire station in Parr, plans for a new police station in Newton-le-Willows stalled and now the possibility of the town’s court house closing, it’s clear that Government policies are having an adverse effect on St Helens and its people and will not help our borough thrive.

    “We need to see investment from Government is to provide much needed jobs and growth, as well as the retention of key public services in St Helens so that our town does not see its status diminished within the North West region.”


  • Conor publishes Parliamentary Report

    Conor McGinn MP has published a Parliamentary Report detailing his work in Parliament and St Helens since he was elected in May.

    In it, the St Helens North MP gives a flavour of his activities in the local community, including some of more than 30 events he has attended in every part of the constituency from visits to schools, charity collections, festivals, family fun days, promotions of local businesses and many other civic occasions.

    Conor’s published figures also show that his office has dealt with over 1000 queries from constituents since it opened just a week after he became an MP, with every piece of correspondence received acknowledged and replied to, the majority meeting his own target.

    He and his full-time constituency caseworker, a role he promised to have in his office prior to the election, has also directly worked with almost 70 constituents who have had particular problems or issues that required the MPs assistance or intervention. He has already held 6 constituency surgeries in Rainford, Parr, Newton-le-Willows, St Helens, Billinge and Haydock, meeting his pledge to hold regular advice clinics throughout the local area.  

    On his role in Westminster, Conor has been appointed to the high-profile Defence Select Committee, where his role is to scrutinise the Government’s policies on defence, national security, the Armed Forces and veterans. He was also elected by MPs from all parties to serve as the Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Irish in Britain, a role which saw him meet the President of Ireland in Britain last month. 

    Conor says one of the most important things about his work in Parliament is the ability to raise local issues at a national level. He said:

    “In the short time I have been an MP, I have exposed the lack of government funding for pupils in St Helens compared to the national average, revealed the fact that no funding for homeless Armed Forces veterans has been made available to the North West, obtained figures that show energy bills on Merseyside have risen by 1/3 since 2010 and questioned Ministers about local transport costs, rising child poverty levels in the region and cuts to the local government budget in our borough. I will continue to stand-up and speak up for St Helens North.”

    “I have published this report so that my constituents in St Helens North can see what I’ve been doing locally in the community, how I’ve been helping people who ask my office for assistance and what I’ve been raising in Parliament at Westminster. I hope people find it useful and am happy to receive any feedback.”

    The report in full can be found here: Summer Report 2015


  • Conor welcomes the Planning Inspector’s decision to reject plans for a waste incinerator near Blackbrook

    Conor McGinn MP, responding to the news that the Planning Inspector has rejected plans for a waste incinerator near homes in Blackbrook, said:

    “This is a common sense decision by the planning inspector. The proposed location of the incinerator so close to peoples’ homes would have had a severe impact on hundreds of residents living between Hinckley Road, Chain Lane and Blackbrook Road.

    “I congratulate local residents and their Labour councillors Alan Cunliffe, Linda Maloney and Paul McQuade who successfully campaigned to oppose this development.

    “Added to the local concerns, the Planning Inspector also found that the proposed incinerator was not needed in terms of Merseyside’s waste strategy, and it is right therefore that for both these reasons it hasn’t gone ahead.”

    The link to the judgement made by Planning Inspector can be found here:


  • Conor attends Liverpool Pride

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    Conor attended Liverpool Pride to celebrate and show support for LGBT rights.

    He marched with LGBT Labour North West and fellow Merseyside MPs Luciana Berger and Stephen Twigg.

  • Conor questions Defence Secretary about UK involvement in Syria


    The text of question and response from the Defence Secretary can be found below.

    Conor McGinn (MP for St Helens North): It is good that the Government have invited the Leader of the Opposition and my hon. Friend the Member for Gedling (Vernon Coaker) to tomorrow’s National Security Council meeting to discuss these important issues—and I very much welcome that. In the same spirit of co-operation and in the national interest, will the Secretary of State commit to a comprehensive, transparent strategic defence and security review with full parliamentary scrutiny?

    The Secretary of State for Defence, Michael Fallon: We are committed to a full and comprehensive strategic defence and security review. It is already under way, and at Question Time last month I invited any Member to contribute to it, and we will invite other stakeholders with interests in defence matters to make a similar contribution.

  • Conor exposes lack of Government funding for St Helens pupils

    Conor McGinn has challenged the Government over the level of funding St Helens receives per pupil.

    Speaking in the House of Commons, Conor noted that funding per pupil in St Helens is set to be over a £150 less than the average across England. He added that in the same period his local authority was facing further cuts of £23 million from its budget.

    Conor called on the Minister to listen to the concerns of schools in St Helens North.

    Commenting Mr McGinn said:

    “Statistics from the Department of Education show that schools in my constituency will receive over £150 less funding per pupil than the average across England this year.

    “At a time when local authority budgets are already under pressure, and my local authority is being asked to cut a further £23 million, how can this be fair?

    “The gap in funding and the policies of this Government have put real pressure on schools in my constituency and their ability to help children, particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds, is being hindered.

    “Every child deserves the right to a good quality education and this disparity in funding is highly questionable.

    “I urge the Minister to listen to the concerns of schools in my constituency and act to ensure that we have a fairer allocation of funding in the future.”

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